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The life we live tomorrow 먹튀검증커뮤니티

Scott Sinclair

Director of Football Strength & Conditioning -

University of Georgia

An elderly carpenter informed his employer that he was

retiring. His work tired him out, and he wanted to spend more

time with his wife and children. He’d miss the paycheck, but

he’d get by 먹튀.

His employer of course understood but was sorry to see

such a hard-working, skillful craftsman go. As the carpenter

was leaving, his boss called to him and asked a question. “Will

you build just one more house before you leave? As a personal

favor to me?” The carpenter reluctantly agreed.

The next day, he set to work on his last house. He

worked diligently, but it soon became apparent that his heart

was no longer in his work. He resorted to shoddy

workmanship and began using inferior materials. All he could

think about was finishing and going home for good. What an

unfortunate way to end an exceptional career.

When the house was complete, the boss came to inspect

the carpenter’s work. After briefly examining it, he reaching

into his pocket with a smile and handed the carpenter a shiny

new key. “This house is yours,” he said. “Please consider it a

gift from me.” The carpenter took the key, speechless, not

knowing how to respond. What a shame. If he’d only known he

was building his own house, he would have done so much

more carefully.

We build our lives a day at a time, often putting less

than our best into the work. In the end, we realize (perhaps

with a shock) that we have to live in the houses we’ve built. If

we could go back and do it over, what would we do differently?

We have to choose daily what kind of houses we’re building.

Each moment matters, because the work we do today affects

the life we live tomorrow.

Athlete Huddle

What kind of house are you building?

Coach Huddle

If every moment matters, how could you improve your

program? How could you set an example for your athletes of

building a house to be proud of?


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